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Dorvin D. Leis
Founder & Chairman

Dorvin D. Leis Co. of Texas, L.L.C.
(dba Leis Mechanical)
, is an affiliate of one of the largest and most respected mechanical contractors in Hawaii.

For over 40 years, Dorvin D. Leis Co., Inc. has been consistently listed among the top 200 mechanical firms in the United States. With an annual volume of business exceeding $30 million, and more than $3 billion of mechanical work completed over the years, the company now brings a new level of customer service, professional experience and technical expertise to the North Texas marketplace.

Dorvin D. Leis Co. already holds licenses in both Hawaii and in California. These specialty licenses include plumbing, air conditioning, fire sprinklers, sewer-sewage disposal, and more recently above/below ground flammable liquid storage tanks and associated piping. The company is a full service mechanical contractor including its own in-house electronic controls and
instrumentation division.

The company has maintained a steady, well-managed growth pattern. The proven financial and other resources needed to satisfactorily complete any project undertaken have enabled us to stay at the forefront during changing times. Modern project management techniques used include computerized estimating, CPM scheduling, cost and general accounting systems.

Established staff is comprised of dedicated, full time detailers, fire sprinkler designers, estimators, expediters, project managers, and professional engineers. The staff performs efficiently with an update NT Server computer network comprised primarily of Pentium computers. This network is used for the corporate and Internet e-mail and computer / CAD file transfers. Internet access is via a continuous frame relay connection.

From Hawaii to Texas, Dorvin D. Leis' managerial staff has well over four centuries of combined experience in mechanical contracting from huge waste water reclamation facilities to specialized commercial projects to high rise resorts to large multi-family housing projects. All projects, large and small receive the same enthusiasm for successful completion.

The reputation of this well-established company is closely guarded. Dorvin D. Leis Co. has received multiple acknowledgments of professional success over the years -- 1996 Contractor of the Year (American Public Works Association - Hawaii chapter), 1995 Safety Award Finalist (American Society of Safety Engineers - Hawaii chapter),

Today, the standards of the Hawaiian affiliate company (from the Maui corporate office's 6,000 s.f. of solar cooled space, 15,000 s.f. sheet metal shop and 15,000 s.f. warehouse with 15,000 s.f. yard, to the 6,000 s.f. Honolulu office. 25,000 s.f. warehouse and the more than $2.5 million inventory shared by the two main offices) provide exemplary goals for our new Texas-based business, Leis Mechanical.

Like its Hawaiian affiliate, Leis Mechanical is committed to excellence. The company is dedicated to implementing innovative construction programs such as partnering, quality assurance, and an aggressive safety program. The new Dallas area offices are conveniently located in Garland, just to the east of the metroplex. Leis Mechanical is ready to assist on your next project with conceptual estimates, life-cycle value analysis, complete design-build services and the best technicians available.

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